We are a ten year old ductile iron foundry with some of the world’s leading brands as our customers for raw and machined castings. We are located in one of the vibrant industrial town in the south of India, Coimbatore, known for quality and cost efficient manufacturing.

Combination of advanced simulation and a team of subject matters with decades of experience has given us an edge in offering rapid product development and literally race towards PPAP in 3 to 4 weeks. There are list of customers who will vouch for receiving samples from us in mere few weeks time. Read More

The best demonstration for our ability to deliver month on month requirements to near perfection has made most of the customers to BUY more than 12 to 15 products right within the first year of beginning relationship. Our case studies backed up with hard to ignore evidence will convince you about our ability to rapidly scale up, in case you have a need. Apart from our own innovative tools for operations management,

we have leveraged digital & cloud to the hilt that, our process & data integrity will be on par with the global best manufacturing practices. Six sigma is a given.

The awards we have won will warm those who are looking for absolute efficiency as well as high social responsibility. We have been repeatedly awarded for our BEST ENVIRONMENT friendly practices.

Complex and intricate parts of few kgs to large parts of wind turbine is our spread of diversified infrastructure. We have the experience of delivering across North America, Europe & India both on VMI basis and direct supply.

Domains we cater to – Hydraulics, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Material Handling, Automotive, Mining, Wind Energy, Marine Application, Oil & Gas, Valve & Pumps, Power generation and Industrial Application.

Welcome to experience “ART TO PART” at amazing speed and consistent delivery performance during serial production.

Our History
Where we are located


  • Hub of manufacturing industries
  • Well Connected to Airports and Seaports
  • Known for Engineering Excellence
  • Dedicated Industrial zones
  • Presence of leading brands like Bosch, L & T, LMW Moriseki, ELGI, Pricol,
  • Excellent ecosystem as home to over 100 foundries
  • Population of 4.2million with more than 30000 small and medium enterprises
  • Presence of other manufacturing industries like textile, motors & pumps
  • Tier 2 City for Information Technology
  • Well connected with international airports across India
  • Established presence of leading brands in Hospitality like Taj,
    Le Merridian, Residency
  • Largest hub for engineering students from educational institutions
Sustainable Practices
We at JS believe that foundries are one of the world’s not talked about recycling businesses. We are the ultimate creators of new products from recycled iron and we keep re-using some of our raw materials to create long lasting castings. On the other hand, we are also an energy – intensive business, so we make sure we use alternative use of natural resources in a productive way, give back equally to the society & follow a safe environment inside our plant.
Corporate Social Responsibilities
“Safety First“ is given due attention every day through executives from top management acting as safety officer for a day. Any Deviation observed is documented, circulated and acted upon till same is made complaint.

Our focused efforts for enhancing safety awareness

  • Compulsory personal protective equipment (PPE) in all areas of the facility
  • Safety pep talk as routine intervention
  • Gemba-safety audit walks EVERY DAY by mgt team to identify and eliminate unsafe conditions. This is well documented and traced till closure
  • National safety day celebrations
  • Fire fighting drills conducted as part of annual training calendar